AstroRaid 1.1

Vertical scrolling space shooter game

AstroRaid is a vertical scrolling space shooter with the recognizable retro style of the 80’s arcade games. You have to fight aliens that try to kill you before you save the planet Earth from a virus.

The only hope is a vaccine developed on a remote space station by our scientists. In AstroRaid, you are now the captain on your way back with the precious cargo on board when you start to realize the virus was intentionally introduced.

It seems everything goes wrong on your way back and then hordes of UFOs and alien ships get more and more fierce as you approach the Earth to save its inhabitant`s.

To your benefit, the weapons get bigger and better as you get closer to Mother Earth. It`s not going to be easy being the Captain, but with skill and determination you can do it.

Astroraid runs on the most common Windows Operating Systems. If you have the ambition to save the Earth and fight aliens, this game is ideal for you.

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